Drilling Pęclin OU-1 exploration well

In the period from December 2014 to March 2015, United Oilfield Services (UOS) under onshore drilling contract between United Oilfield Services Sp. z o. o. and ORLEN Upstream Sp. z o. o. performed operation of drilling of Pęclin OU-1 exploration well.

Drilling Operations were carried out using new NOV CE-ATEX 2000HP AC Pad Drilling (Walking) Rig that meets strict CE requirements for safety, quality and environmental protection.



"Due to UOS Crew’s organization and professional experience all operation were conducted in a swift and organized manner. All of the works was carried out in accordance with health and safety standards and labor laws and was completed under supervision of an HSE supervisor.

ORLEN Upstream Sp. z o. o. was completely satisfied in all aspects of co-operating with United Oilfield Services Sp. z o. o. and recommends them as a professional Drilling Contractor."

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