Snubbing services in the Wysin-2Hbis well

United Oilfield Services Sp. z o.o. conducted a series of works in the Wysin-2Hbis well (07.06.2016 - 29.06.2016), under the agreement with the company Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo SA (PGNiG), Oddział Geologii i Eksploatacji /Branch of Geology and Production/.

The scope of works included:
Snubbing Services:
- milling of composite plug,
- wellbore cleanout with a scraper tool.


"The collaboration up to now forms grounds for us to state that United Oilfield Services Sp. z o.o. copes perfectly with the tasks entrusted. Multistage stimulation operations performed by UOS on Stara Kiszewa concession (Wysin-2Hbis well), were executed by using the best quality fluids, the best equipment in Europe and completed with full operational success.

AlI works were performed professionally, in a timely manner, with appropriate diligence and care and, in particular, the company took care ofwork safety.

We recommend United OlifieId Services Sp. z o.o as a solid partner in implementation of the tasks entrusted, credible, possessing professional staff with extensiye technical knowledge.

A high level of HSE has guaranteed the safe performance of the works entrusted. It is necessary to mention of a strong involvment of the staff employees as well as on the rapid adaptation to changing operational conditions."


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