We are a rapidly growing company whose best assets are the employees that work there. That’s why our hiring team not only expects potential candidates to meet the competence requirements for the position, but also takes into account their ability to cooperate, and their desire to exchange knowledge and experience with existing employees. The up-skilling of our workers is one of our top priorities.

We are also anxious to foster a healthy work atmosphere that is conducive to open communication. We want to ensure that all new employees feel comfortable and safe from the first day of employment, and so we attach great importance to the orientation process. This includes a discussion about any initial training phases, a meet-and-greet with new co-workers, and a packet containing all the necessary information a new employee needs concerning our business, organizational structures, and effective organizational culture. Our goal is to introduce a system that from the very beginning enables a new employee to quickly overview their duties and the rules of the Company, with a particular emphasis on safety at work.

UOS Drilling S.A. offers an attractive benefits package that includes a comprehensive healthcare plan, with significant discounts on dental care and medical care for family members. For employees whose responsibilities include travel, we provide travel insurance and accident insurance.