CE-ATEX 2,000 HP LAND RIG from National Oilwell Varco, equipped with Steel Toe™ Walking System

UOS Drilling S.A. has a new CE-ATEX certified 2000 HP AC Pad Drilling Rig that meets strict CE requirements for safety, quality and environmental protection.

  • With 500 tons hook load rig is capable to drill up to 7000 m wells with 5” DP.
  • Rig is delivered with Steel Toe™ Walking System to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact.
  • Rig is designed to drill up to 6 well pad in single line of 5 spaces at 6m.

Rig comes with complete winterization package that keeps equipment running, and provide safe and comfortable work areas for rig crew. Adhering to strict noise regulations, rig incorporates noise suppressions provisions in the generator buildings, drill floor wind-walls, and HPU skid to achieve a noise limit of 55 dB at distance of 100 m.

Transport loads are designated to meet tight European road requirements while at the same time minimizing the total number of loads required between locations.


Modern, worldwide unique equipment as well as knowledge and experience of our employees allow us to provide the highest quality, safe and comprehensive drilling services in all areas of the market and in any form of cooperation with investors, at the same time demonstrating respect for the environment.

UOS Drilling S.A. has a number of drilling and workover rigs for various types of drilling and borehole works as well as a wide range of technical facilities.

UOS Drilling S.A. specializes in:

  • the provision of drilling services related to the exploration for and access to natural gas and crude oil deposits,
  • research and production wells,
  • geothermal wells,
  • salt wells for the construction of underground oil and fuel storage facilities,
  • large diameter dehydration wells,
  • freezer plate openings,
  • ventilation openings and
  • reconstruction of openings.